Nectar Republic Candle (multiple scents)

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Our all time fave candles! Nectar Republic's soy candle line is infused with essential oils, handcrafted in the USA in a flint glass jar closed with a steel lid and finished with an all natural cotton wick.  Forever fragrant with 60 hours of burn time.  *Easy to remove label makes recycling your glass container easy. Use it to store any of your apothecary needs.

Hibiscus Patchouli- Exotic, floral island top notes balanced with the intoxicating scent of earthy patchouli.

Lavender VanillaA tranquil fragrance of french lavender and warm vanilla beans with soft underlying hints of cedarwood and orange zest.

Citrus BasilA clean & zesty blend of cool citrus scents & refreshing herbs. The top note has sweet basil, meyer lemon, zesty lime, & wild mint.  Perfect for the kitchen.

Eucalyptus SpearmintInvigorating spa blend of fresh spearmint and camphoraceous eucalyptus with light bottom notes of patchouli and cedarwood.